Thank you Sandra and Jess!

Thank you so much for all of your help and support during the sale of my home. Helping me navigate the process, your patience and personal touch mean the world!

Karen Louden

We would like to thank

We would like to thank you Sandra for being so helpful in our search for perfect land in PEC.
We worked with many agents but you are definitely the most professional one we have met!
Prompt communication meant a lot to us – it made our search so much easier and save us lots of time.  And you patience was greatly appreciated also! ”
Jim Hansen

Jim Hansen

From the Kowal Family, April 2021

Sandra helped us sell our tri-plex, a short-term rental property and was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was indispensable to the process from start to finish.
Sandra went above and beyond the call of duty throughout the entire sale – she is diligent, detail-oriented, transparent and knowledgeable. She is also incredibly well-connected and respected in the area and this experience translated to her easily solving some problems along the way.
Thank you Sandra for all of your help and hard work – we definitely couldn’t have done it without you!

From Christine

Dear Sandra,
Thank you for the BEST real estate experience I have ever had … both on the purchase and the sale.
Such smooth, effortless experiences, due in large part to your thoroughness and attention to detail.
Kick up your heels in celebration!
With many thanks,

Christine Scott

From Jim and Catherine

Dear Sandra,
Thank you for all you have done to facilitate our PEC dreams! We feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with you, were amazingly patient and we benefitted greatly from your experience and knowledge of the County. We can’t wait to host you for a BBQ this summer!
Wishing you all the best in 2021,
Catherine and Jim

Thank you!

“My brother Anthony Parasiliti used Jess as his Realtor for PEC. She was very informative and excellent to deal with! Highly recommended! Thank you!”
Joanne Parasiliti from Giovanna’s Kitchen

We would like to thank

We would like to thank you Sandra and Jess for being so helpful in our search for perfect land in PEC. We have worked with many agents but you both are definitely the most professional ones we have met! Prompt communication meant a lot to us – it made our search so much easier and save us lots of time. And your patience was greatly appreciated also! You should open a school to train real estate agents – clients need more people like you! Thank you!

Jim H and Irina P

From the moment I entered

From the moment I entered their office, Jess and Sandra were very welcoming, helpful, and incredibly diligent in their work. Thanks to their efficiency, we were able to finder a buyer for, and close a deal on my property within a matter of months. They offered me excellent advice and connected me to other helpful individuals throughout the process, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering using their services.
Carol Anne

Carol Anne Cooper

Anita and Al

We knew from our very first phone call with Sandra that she was a realtor that we could truly trust and appreciate – and in selling our home she has proven herself all that and so much more!

We have bought and sold a handful of different homes with different realtors here and there over the years, and Sandra has proven the most thoughtful, fully engaged, and amazingly helpful realtor we could hope for. Her informed advice and guidance on timing, preparation, staging and marketing; her genuine openness and warmth as a friend to sellers and buyers alike; and above all her commitment to honest, clear discussion and decisions with us as sellers with both financial and emotional commitments to our home, made all the difference!

We could not be happier with Sandra and our selling success in the County, or recommend her more. Thanks Sandra!

Nancy Walker

Having spent a good portion of my career working on professional Liability insurance for realtors,  I have developed high standards for real estate agent performance .  For example, I am aware that the most litigious area for realtors can occur n situations where the real estate agent represents both the seller and the buyer. When we therefore decided to purchase a house through Sandra where she was acting both as buyer and seller’s agent, I brought the depth of my expertise and experience to the table  in evaluating her handling of this situation.  Sandra exceeded all my hopes and expectations.  She skillfully handled enquiries with complete transparency and protected both the seller’s and our interests in the transaction. Overall,  it was a very positive experience. To all prospective buyers and sellers, you can trust Sandra to protect your interests.

Ron & Margie Cox

We came out from NB on our house-hunting trip with only limited knowledge of the local area. Jess provided lots of interesting background information on the different areas surrounding Napanee, Belleville, Kingston, Prince Edward County and areas to the north, to help us make the smartest possible real estate decision. We have been most impressed with Jess’ knowledge and understanding of the local housing market. We found her to have good communication skills; she was quite personable and had a great attitude. With her help, we found our beautiful home. Thank you for paying attention to our needs and to what we were looking for in a house. Jess has been amazing for us and continues to be our friend.
Ron and Margie

Thank You Jess

Not knowing anyone in prince Edward county, My wife and I contacted Jess Davis with respect to looking at one home. With her recommendation, she showed us several listing we may have have been interested in. Sure enough, Jess was right on the money. Jess found us the home of our dreams on the lake. Jess is professional, reliable and her knowledge of the county is amazing. Jess never left us hanging and responded to our concerns and or questions immediately. We highly recommend Jess Davis for any of your real estate needs.
Barrie Fisken

Amy Cleveland and Marc de Leon

As first-time home buyers trying to set down roots in the County, we were so fortunate to have found Sandra to represent us. It was a long process for us to find our perfect home, and Sandra was so patient, kind and helpful every step of the way. She has such a deep knowledge of the County and its housing market that we immediately knew we had the best possible person to take us on the journey to home ownership. She was so meticulous and honest throughout the process, which really helped us make the most informed choice and left out any guess work for us. Even with us coming from Toronto, it was so easy to view homes that came on the market thanks to her fast responses and always making herself available. We can’t recommend Sandra highly enough.


Thank you so much for all your help over this more than a year journey.
Your patience and enthusiasm has been so appreciated. We’re so excited to finally be in the County. We’ll definitely stay in touch.
Marc de Leon

Rachel Robb

New to the County real estate market, we were so lucky to connect with Jess. She went above & beyond to make sure that all our questions were answered (and we had A LOT). Jess really knows the area, so she was able to help us get a home inspection, answer questions about by-laws and share all of her insider knowledge of the County. Her expertise and support calmed our nerves and made the whole process easier. Thank you!

Dale and Sandy James

Dear Sandy, thanks so much for all of your help. We are looking forward to our new lives in the County, Best regards,
Dale and Sandy

Dale and Sandy James

With affection, Deb and Andre

Dear Sandra, Thank you for “shepherding” this big move for us. Your Genuine care and professionalism made all the difference. We look forward to seeing you more often in the County!
Deb Mathews and André Gagné

Helen and Mick Callan

Dear Sandy, thank you for all your encouragement, support and attention to detail. You have a really tough job – a career in Real Estate is certainly not for wimps! All the best.

Darrell Corriveau

Sandra was great to work with with. She struck the right balance by being a patient guide with me in the “just browsing” stage but then assertively taking action when the time was right. I needed to put in an offer on my dream property in less-than-ideal circumstances but Sandra really rose to the occasion, putting together a deal within minutes of me making the request. Her knowledge of the County was invaluable to me in making decisions and she was also really patient to answer all my annoying questions. She coordinated meetings, viewings, and inspections with various other professionals at convenient times and made it look effortless. There were a few hiccups on my end near closing, but she came to the rescue to personally obtain the documentation I needed. She really went above and beyond. I owe her a debt of gratitude!

Dave Williams

I have been dealing with Sandra for approximately 1 month and she helped my wife and I to purchase a home in Brighton. From the beginning she made us feel totally at home and very relaxed. She was able to answer our questions almost before we asked her. There was no pressure on us and encouraged us to take our time to feel comfortable with the home being shown and to ask any questions we felt would make us feel better able to determine whether the property was right for us. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for property in the Brighton/Prince Edward County area. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Petra & Brennan

I won’t lie: It was a real challenge to keep this concise and not ramble on about how fantastic it was to work with Sandra.

We went looking for a place in The County and ended up with a true friendship. Sandra was a constant source of reassurance, knowledge and optimism as my brother and I worked through discovering the ever-vast wards of Prince Edward County, and the many frustrations of a hot, sellers’ market.

After two failed offers we were feeling discouraged, and it was Sandra’s passion for this beautiful region of Eastern Ontario that kept us focused on finding an investment property. Her experience in real estate goes beyond The County, and it was this knowledge that led us to discover beautiful Brighton and Presqu’ile Bay where we found our home.

Sandra provided guidance through every stage of the offer process, and literally jumped for joy with us when our offer was accepted. She is never pushy, always honest and her dedication to her clients goes beyond any standard realtor agreement.

We will always be grateful for picking up the phone and finding Sandra at the end of the line, and will continue to give her a ring whenever we are in town.

Looking forward to having you over Sandra, with some Chardonnay and Maple Cheddar.


Susan & Howard

Thanks so much for all your hard work guiding Petra and Brennan to the successful purchase of their first property. You have been amazing, knowledgeable, patient and caring. We really appreciate all that you have done. We hope to stay in touch.

Susan and Howard Bouk

COUNTY & QUINTE LIVING by Catherine Stutt

It was, on the surface, as is perhaps typical of a bio medical researcher, a logical process – locate a solid investment property in an attractive tourism region close to home base in Toronto, build an energy efficient home, and enjoy it on weekends and holidays until retirement. The charm of the destination soon made this much more than a rational experiment and the continuing journey quickly became a much more personal adventure for David and Louise Bazett-Jones. After combing Prince Edward County for the perfect land, the couple had a rather daring introduction to the property where they would eventually build their retirement home. Their realtor, Sandra Foreman, recalled the day they found the ideal property. “I wanted to show them every aspect so I drove along the adjacent secondary road for a close-up view. It was passable a few days earlier, but heavy rain turned the lane into a lake, completely covered with water from one side to the other. Afraid of losing traction and becoming mired, I gunned the borrowed pickup truck and we made it. David and Louise instantly broke into applause and laughter, and lauded my driving skills. I’m happy to say, they bought that property and we’re still friends!”

Much of David and Louise’s journey from The Beaches in Toronto, where they still maintain a condo until they fully retire, to their 85-acre haven at the eastern reach of the County was equally planned, and substantially less dramatic. David is a respected researcher at The Hospital for Sick Children and Louise is an English teacher. Their familiarity with the area came via sending their two children to music camp in Milford every summer. “We came to know the County well,” laughed David. “I think we’ve been in every church and community hall for recitals.” For several years, David and Louise considered different ways of investing, and property in this attractive tourism region was a target destination. David began reading about energy and living more intelligently with nature. He renewed his interest in architecture and a larger plan developed. “We were fortunate to have a great realtor, and Sandra understood we were looking for specific features, not just an open field.”

See the full article at … http://www.solares.ca/pdf/CountyQuinteLiving_Summer2014_RosesCrossroad.pdf

Rachel and Zach

Zach and I want to say thank you! You really made the “buying a house” process a lot easier and we knew we were in very good hands. You are truly great at your career!

Rachel Harrison and Zach Hicks


Hearing from you is always the nicest emails of my day. You are a true Professional.
Thank you for your hard work.

Jerry Reyn

Randy & Wendy Scott

Sandra is the quintessential realtor. Always ready to help in any capacity, she goes above and beyond what you would expect from an agent.

With us living 4 hours away Sandra really did become our eyes and ears in ‘The County’. By co-ordinating inspections and contractor’ s visits she took a lot of stress off us and made the process so much smoother.

Sandra’s knowledge of the area was invaluable to us as she guided us through the potential pitfalls of buying a rural property.

We not only found a great realtor, we also gained a true friend with whom we hope to get to know even more as time passes.

Thank you Sandra for all your efforts.

Lynne R. The new and happy owner of a lovely home in The County.

I just wanted to let Royal LePage know that they are very lucky to have Sandra Foreman representing them. Sandra not only showed me the house I was interested in seeing, but she has gone above and beyond what I thought an agent would do for you regarding the purchasing of a property in Prince Edward County.

I live outside of Toronto and it has been very difficult getting back and forth to The County. Not only that, but the closing has been fast and there seems to be so much to do, especially when you are the only one making the decisions and arrangements. Sandra has become my right arm and has taken care of so many important things and all with a smile and an immediate response to all of my questions and requests. Sandra knows The County well and has been able to point me in the right direction with very pleasing results.

I can recommend Sandra highly as she is the kind of person that is not only your agent, but she also becomes a friend, making sure that your needs are foremost. When you first move into a new and different environment, being more than a salesperson is the most important thing to the client and Sandra fills that space very comfortably with warmth and commitment. I shall certainally pass on her name to any of my old and new friends, that are in need of good service and attention. This I can assure you, Sandra provides to all of her clients.

Kelsey and Patrick H.

Thanks for the good wishes and all of your help, you have been amazing! So we are officially home owners today YAY! 🙂

Robert J

Sandra was a constant resource to handle the entire process, assisting in developing a ‘catching’ listing including many pictures, plentiful presentation recommendations and providing personal added touches to enhance presentation of my house for sale, always displaying a breadth of professional market knowledge and advice. She obviously has a strong, varied network which can attract related business referrals and has gone the extra mile to guide, advise and close the deal!

Robert Jacobs

Brenda S

Until I met Sandra, I could not have told you what makes a great real estate agent. I could, however, delineate a list of my disappointments with other real estate agents: those who never delivered what they promised, were unavailable and unresponsive, were reckless and/or negligent in their representations about the properties they were selling; those who breached the confidences reposed in them by their clients disclosing highly sensitive personal information that could prejudice a sale; and those who were clearly more concerned about marketing themselves than marketing my property,

Sandra is a highly responsive and sensitive communicator and handles her clients with timeliness and sensitivity. She demonstrates a high level of respect for others and integrates her business savvy with compassionate sensitivity. From the first moment I contacted Sandra I was comforted by the knowledge that I was dealing with a knowledgeable, experienced, and emotionally aware individual who was both available and responsive. Never did I feel that I was being passed over to her associates or underlings.

Sandra makes you feel as though she is working exclusively for you. And because of her compelling integrity, professionalism, and responsiveness you know you are in good hands.

Sandra delivers what she promises. She is a worldly and experienced businesswoman and talented photographer with savvy social media and web design skills, bringing an incredible aggregate of skills to the table.

Sandra puts the REAL in Real Estate.


“Wow, that was fast. Thank you once again for going out of your way for us and for such good and thorough follow up, for your generous and sage advice – and for our chats – you’re very generous. Thank you so much Sandy – We feel so lucky to have had this beautiful place in the county and thank you for your support this year and your part in helping to make this happen.”
Penny and Kenneth

Penny and Kenneth Laycock

Greg Garrett, Secretary County Theatre Group

We thank you for sponsoring The County Theatre Group’s production of “HMS Pinafore”. The County Theatre Group is an amateur, registered not-for-profit organization that presents live theatre in Prince Edward County, thus giving local performers a chance to present high quality live theatre.The group also passes on its proceeds to local students in the form of scholarships to help further their education.

Yours truly,

Sue B and Eric J, CLIC Co-chairs

The Photo Show CLIC organizing committee reconvened last week to begin our plans for next year. Before moving ahead, our first order of business is to thank you for your support. This year’s show was enthusiastically received – we featured photographers from across Eastern Ontario and had over a thousand visitors to the show. On belalf of the committee, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Thank you!

Sandra, a personal note to say thank you very much for all your input, experience and support during the listing and sale of our home in Milford. I wish that I had met you sooner. I so enjoyed getting to know you. Please stay in touch.
Kim Murray

Kim Murray

Tourneur Gilbride Family – May 2013

It took a very long time for us to write this testimonial to thank Sandra Foreman of Royal LePage for her help, patience, endurance and eventual friendship over our year and a half pursuit of a County Property! It was simply because written words are hard to describe our thanks and appreciation.

Initial thoughts of a simple rural heritage property destined for future retirement enjoyment evolved to the quest for a property with history combined with property amenities that would keep our teenagers coming back to the County! Pretty quickly Sandy knew what we would and would not like but was patient in allowing us to find out ourselves and then us coming to the reality that her advice was better than countless hours spent on our own MLS searches!

In the end we were not only able to get a beautiful property that all of us could enjoy but the friendship of a wonderful agent and close friend. Sandy became not only our agent but our guide to the County and a wonderful example of the best the County has to offer!

Kelly and Frank

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