It was, on the surface, as is perhaps typical of a bio medical researcher, a logical process – locate a solid investment property in an attractive tourism region close to home base in Toronto, build an energy efficient home, and enjoy it on weekends and holidays until retirement. The charm of the destination soon made this much more than a rational experiment and the continuing journey quickly became a much more personal adventure for David and Louise Bazett-Jones. After combing Prince Edward County for the perfect land, the couple had a rather daring introduction to the property where they would eventually build their retirement home. Their realtor, Sandra Foreman, recalled the day they found the ideal property. “I wanted to show them every aspect so I drove along the adjacent secondary road for a close-up view. It was passable a few days earlier, but heavy rain turned the lane into a lake, completely covered with water from one side to the other. Afraid of losing traction and becoming mired, I gunned the borrowed pickup truck and we made it. David and Louise instantly broke into applause and laughter, and lauded my driving skills. I’m happy to say, they bought that property and we’re still friends!”

Much of David and Louise’s journey from The Beaches in Toronto, where they still maintain a condo until they fully retire, to their 85-acre haven at the eastern reach of the County was equally planned, and substantially less dramatic. David is a respected researcher at The Hospital for Sick Children and Louise is an English teacher. Their familiarity with the area came via sending their two children to music camp in Milford every summer. “We came to know the County well,” laughed David. “I think we’ve been in every church and community hall for recitals.” For several years, David and Louise considered different ways of investing, and property in this attractive tourism region was a target destination. David began reading about energy and living more intelligently with nature. He renewed his interest in architecture and a larger plan developed. “We were fortunate to have a great realtor, and Sandra understood we were looking for specific features, not just an open field.”

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