Until I met Sandra, I could not have told you what makes a great real estate agent. I could, however, delineate a list of my disappointments with other real estate agents: those who never delivered what they promised, were unavailable and unresponsive, were reckless and/or negligent in their representations about the properties they were selling; those who breached the confidences reposed in them by their clients disclosing highly sensitive personal information that could prejudice a sale; and those who were clearly more concerned about marketing themselves than marketing my property,

Sandra is a highly responsive and sensitive communicator and handles her clients with timeliness and sensitivity. She demonstrates a high level of respect for others and integrates her business savvy with compassionate sensitivity. From the first moment I contacted Sandra I was comforted by the knowledge that I was dealing with a knowledgeable, experienced, and emotionally aware individual who was both available and responsive. Never did I feel that I was being passed over to her associates or underlings.

Sandra makes you feel as though she is working exclusively for you. And because of her compelling integrity, professionalism, and responsiveness you know you are in good hands.

Sandra delivers what she promises. She is a worldly and experienced businesswoman and talented photographer with savvy social media and web design skills, bringing an incredible aggregate of skills to the table.

Sandra puts the REAL in Real Estate.

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